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This Week at The Comedy Clubhouse: May 13-19, 2024

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This weekend, we’re so pumped to have Vittorio Angelone doing his hour TWICE! The 8:30pm show sold out already, so we’ve added an early show at 6:30pm. Having started comedy in 2018, Vittorio has already cultivated a huge online following from stand-up clips and podcasts, regularly amassing millions of views on various platforms. As well as co-hosting Mike & Vittorio’s Guide to Parenting alongside fellow comedian (and Barcelona favorite!) Mike Rice, he is a regular guest on the Have A Word Podcast and released his first comedy special in September 2023. He’s one of the fastest-rising stars today, so grab a ticket to see him at the intimate Comedy Clubhouse, because next time he comes through it will likely be at a much bigger venue!

And if you’re interested in trying stand up yourself (or have a friend you think would kill it on stage), we’ve got another round of Stand Up Bootcamp starting on June 6. It’s a 7-week intensive course with comedian Luke Messina where beginning level students will learn the fundamentals of stand-up comedy, exploring joke structure and style, developing their comedic persona, and crafting a 5 minute set to be performed at the culmination of class. During the course, students will get priority booking on some of our hottest mics, and free tickets to shows, plus personalized feedback from Luke. There’s an early bird discount available til Wednesday, so reserve your spot here before the price goes up!!

All tickets are here on the website (and you’ll save money if you buy online instead of waiting to get tickets at the door!)


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Monday, May 13
8pm – Funky Chunky Mic
10pm – Shitty Mic

Tuesday, May 14
8pm – Anything Else?
10pm – Fat Goose

Wednesday, May 15
7:30pm – Watch This Space improv jam
9pm – Midweek Crisis

Thursday, May 16
8pm – TAB improv comedy
10pm – Roast Battle Barcelona

Friday, May 17
6:30pm – Vittorio Angelone: Who Do You Think You Are? I Am! *FEW TICKETS LEFT
8:30pm – Vittorio Angelone: Who Do You Think You Are? I Am! *SOLD OUT
10pm – Friday Night Live

Saturday, May 18
5pm – Show Up Go Up
6:30pm – Rire Déjanté (FRENCH)
8pm – Saturday Spotlight: Chris Groves
10pm – Drink Drank Drunk

Sunday, May 19
11:59am – Coffee Con Comedy
3pm – Free Improv Workshop
6pm – Improv Snack & Jam (UPSTAIRS)
6pm – Sunday Bread (RUSSIAN)
8pm – Cobbler & Co
10pm – Iain Anderson: I Wasn’t Always This Gorgeous (WIP)

Special Shows This Week

🔦 Our Saturday Spotlight headliner this week is none other than Barcelona comedy legend CHRIS GROVES! Chris Groves has been performing stand-up for well over a decade, in English, Spanish, and even Catalan (sometimes in the same sentence!). Chris has been a part of the Barcelona comedy scene since its inception, and when he’s not cracking up crowds on stage, he’s running his own comedy club or helping the next generation of comedians in his Find Your Funny classes. You might even have seen Chris on national television (if you watch Catalan TV)! He is also a veteran of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where he has performed his solo shows four times and counting. From this extensive biography, it is very clear that Chris Groves is OLD! We’re excited to finally add “Spotlight Headliner” to his CV, and restore balance to BCN’s English comedy scene. He’ll have support from visiting opener Odette (Amsterdam) and local up-and-comer Oli Bussel, with host Hannah Becker.

🔥 The Roast Battle season continues, and we keep bringing the heat. Come see 4 new pairs of comedians going head-to-head in a battle of hilarious insults. Nothing is off limits, no holds are barred, and no joke is too harsh. This week we have some more experienced battlers, plus some newer acts trying to make a name for themselves! We’ll have battles between Shaz vs. Niko, Hannah Becker vs. Jamie Lerner, Ewan May vs. Alba Phillips, and James Regal vs. Stuart Kennedy. The judges will be reigning champ Darren Cullen, former champ Esther, and the legendary Kyla Cobbler, with host Phil Varney.

🎳 By the time you’re reading this, both shows may be sold out, but we have Irish rising star Vittorio Angelone doing his solo show twice this weekend. Following his 5-star, sold-out, award-nominated debut (which solved literally every problem in the world) his new show looks inward to find out who exactly he thinks he is. The 8:30pm show has been sold out for days already, but there are a few tickets left for the 6:30pm show at the time of writing, so hurry up and get your seats!

🥃 The international drinking and debating comedy sensation Drink Drank Drunk is back, and this time it’s a winner’s round! We’ll have 4 of the winners from previous shows compete in a raucous comedy debate tournament fueled by shots of the hard stuff. As the shots keep flowing, our debaters will have to make you laugh while making coherent arguments for important topics like, “is Gaudi overrated?” or “is it ever OK to ghost someone?” or “is it really necessary to learn the local language as a foreigner in Barcelona?” Our winners this week are Mauricio Lombardi, Ben Hays Miller, Alba Phillips, and James Regal, with the classic judge duo of Hannah Becker and Chris Groves, and your eternal host, Luke Messina!

☕️ Rise and shine, it’s time for Coffee Con Comedy, our daytime talk show hosted by Vem & Vos. You’ll get coffee and pancakes included with your ticket, and enjoy a show from some of Barcelona’s best comedians (that can wake up before noon on a Sunday) and get interviewed by the hosts. It’s a great way to spend a Sunday morning, have a nice breakfast, and enjoy the Clubhouse Cafe!

🎤 One of our newer faces on the scene, Iain Anderson, has quickly become a local favorite, and now he’s putting on his first ever work-in-progress hour of comedy and storytelling! Just over 7 years ago, Iain’s life completely fell apart and it was either change to live, or don’t and die. After years of bad choices, bad behavior, bad relationships, bad fashion, and some fantastic parties he got clean and sober. In this one-off WIP show he will be trying to find the light in the darkness to prepare him for his Edinburgh Fringe debut this year. Come along to what is definitely going to be a great night of storytelling!

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