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The Comedy Clubhouse offers a place for top International and aspiring comedians to showcase their talent for your entertainment!

Only The Best At The Comedy Clubhouse

We can’t tell you who the next big name to perform at The Clubhouse is because honestly, we have no idea. So far we’ve had Michelle Wolf, Louis CK, Matteo Lane and so many more incredible comedians drop by, that it’s impossible to know who will be next! We do know that all of our events feature a combination of hilarious local talent and international stars! Buy Tickets in Advance or Pay at the door!

Frequent Performers

Dr. Matthew Murtha

Hails from: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Performing since: 2016

As seen on: The Weekly Mag (TV), Stand Up Revolution (TV), opening for Jim Gaffigan and Judah Friedlander

Currently performing on: Comedy Bomb Shelter*, Cash for Laughs*

​ Matthew has hours of clean and raucous material, specializing in subversive and scientific topics. Host of Barcelona’s longest running comedy show, Matt can delight any room!

John Allis

Hails from: Auckland, New Zealand

Performing since: 2016

As seen on: Stand Up Revolution (TV), Motivational Sleeper (Fringe), #1 Best Selling Author of Stuffy The Stuffin

Currently performing on: Show Up Go Up*

​ A true Renaissance man, John is a trained circus performer, bestselling children’s author, actor, and stand up comedian. He’s the hardest working lazy person in the business!

Hannah Becker

Hails from: Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow, New York, USA

Performing since: 2016

As seen on: The Weekly Mag (TV), Stand Up Revolution (TV) (Finalist), Zona Franca (TV), Funniest FICer 2016 (Finalist), Comedy Purge Roast Battle (undefeated)

Currently performing on:Funky Chunky Mic*, Tits Up!*, Unkosher Comedy*, Drink Drank Drunk, Imprfcto Comedy, Comedy Bomb Shelter, Shut Up Bitch

​ Hannah's comedy is dirty, self-deprecating, and often dark, but always with a clever, feminist twist. Hannah has toured all over Europe performing stand up.

Noah Levin

Hails from: Ketchum, Idaho, USA

Performing since: 2004

As seen on: Mutant Busters (TV), Gormiti (TV), Virtual Hero (TV), Funniest FICer 2013 (Finalist)

Currently performing on: Typical Adult Behavior*, Comedy Bomb Shelter, Watch This Space

​ Founder of Barcelona’s professional improv shows, schools, and international festivals, Noah Levin has toured Europe since 2011 teaching and performing. His hosting style is warm, positive, and intellectual.

Jamie Lerner

Hails from: New York, New York, USA

Performing since: 2015

As seen on: Stand-Up Revolution (TV) (Quarterfinalist), The Weekly Mag (TV), Barcelona Roast Battle (Undefeated) Currently performing on: Sh*tty M*c*, Lights Up!*, Comedy Bomb Shelter*, Slumber Party.

Currently performing on:Funky Chunky Mic*, Tits Up!*, Unkosher Comedy*, Drink Drank Drunk, Imprfcto Comedy, Comedy Bomb Shelter, Shut Up Bitch

​ Jamie is a musical comedian who likes to visit the dark, weird, and goofy aspects of life. Armed with a razor-sharp wit and a ukulele, Jamie is a fierce comedian.

Luke Messina

Hails from: Springfield, Massachusetts, USA

Performing since: 2015

As seen on: Stand-up Revolution (TV), Epic Rap Battles of History (YT)

Currently performing on: Funky Chunky Mic*, Drink Drank Drunk*, Mom's Spaghetti*, Bardhouse* (hip hop and spoken word), Imprfcto Comedy, Midweek Crisis, BaseMint Comedy, Sadness Cabaret

​ Luke Messina is at home lighting up a stage with freestyle raps and masterful hosting. His dark, personal, and self-deprecating comedy delve deep into the absurdities of life.

Harris Fellman

Hails from: Tampa, Florida, USA

Performing since: 2018

As seen on: Spain's Got Talent (TV), Host of "Laugh Battle" segment on The Weekly Mag (TV)

Currently performing on:The Magic Hour*, Comedy & More*, Guiris Come Home

​ Harris performs comedy magic that's sometimes absurd, sometimes amazing, and always fun. His material is appropriate for all ages and tastes.

Typical Adult Behaviour

Hails from: Barcelona, Spain

Performing since: 2022

Currently performing on: Typical Adult Behavior*, Comedy Bomb Shelter

​ Typical Adult Behavior is the Comedy Clubhouse’s house improv comedy team, performing a fast-paced weekly show making up hilarious characters and scenes based on audience suggestions. This international cast of professional improvisers is versatile, fun, and wacky.

Mila Kopaeva

Hails from: Kostomuksa, Russia

Performing since: 2020

As seen on: Barcelona Roast Battle (Undefeated), Funniest FICer 2021 (Finalist)

Currently performing on:Midweek Crisis*, Damage Control*, Shut Up, Bitch!*, Comedy Bomb Shelter, Lights Up, Imprfcto, Funky Chunky, Sh*tty M*c, Feismo Cool, Barcelona Comedy Club in English, Basemint, Sadness Cabaret, Fat Goose, Sitges Comedy, Uranus Comedy

​ Quirky and expressive, absurd and improvisational, Mila Kopaeva has exploded onto the Barcelona comedy scene. This dancer turned comedienne is debuting her 2-woman Fringe show, Let Them Eat Cake, with Irene Meneguzzi.

Tamer Kattan

Hails from: New York, New York, USA

Performing since: 2011

As seen on: Winner: Laughs (TV), World Series of Comedy (TV): Comedy Knockout (TV), Know Your Neighbor (TV), Edinburgh Fringe (Ginger Award for Best New International Act), King Gong @ Comedy Store London (Winner)

​ Tamer believes comedy is a weapon of the underdog and one of comedy’s greatest strengths is to be a Trojan Horse, a gift of laughter from the outside, with an insight that makes you think, on the inside. This internationally renowned comedian is observational, self-deprecating, truthful, insightful, and human..

Irene Meneguzzi

Hails from: Rosario, Argentina

Performing since: 2018

As seen on: Stand-Up Revolution (TV), 20Vint (TV), Funniest FICer 2019, 2021 (Finalist), UK Funny Women Competition 2022 (Semifinalist)

Currently performing on:Shut Up, Bitch!*, Stand-Up Comedy Nights, Comedy Bomb Shelter, Uranus Comedy, Imprfcto Comedy, BaseMint Comedy, Failing in Love, Sitges Comedy, Lust for Laughs, Drink Drank Drunk!, Sadness Cabaret

​ With a strong stage presence and cutting sense of humor, Irene analyzes her failed relationships, midlife crises, and general basicness. Irene has created a duo show, Let Them Eat Cake,with Mila Kopaeva, and a solo show, FILF (Feminist I'd Like to F*ck).

Marnie Manning

Hails from:Boulder, Colorado, USA

Performing since: 2012

As seen on: Cruïlla Festival, La Llama Fest, Funniest FICer 2018 (winner)

​ Marnie Manning is an energetic and engaged comedian that tells the unvarnished truth about what she’s really thinking. Marnie has toured some of the biggest clubs in the USA.

Olga Camacho

Hails from: Barcelona, Spain

Performing since: 2018

As seen on: Netflix is a Joke Festival (TV), Stand Up Revolution (TV), The Weekly Mag (TV), Funniest FICer 2021, 2022 (Finalist)

​ A rare Barcelona native in the international comedy scene, Olga delights audiences English, Spanish, and Catalan. T'encantarà la seva comèdia!

Fil Varney

Hails from: Bern, Switzerland

Performing since: 2018

Currently performing on: The Comedy Purge*

​ Not political enough to make the Daily Show, but too political to be allowed in polite society, Fil specializes in clever observations and comedic roast battles.

Mariah Girouard

Hails from: Springfield, Massachusetts

Performing since: 2018

As seen on: Standup Revolution (TV) (Semi-Finalist), Funniest FICer 2022 (Winner)

Currently performing on: Midweek Crisis*, Damage Control*, Trauma Mic*, Word Up*, Sadness Cabaret

​ Mariah’s observational and anecdotal style of comedy pushes boundaries and challenges audiences to look inward, while also providing a mirror to work through personal trauma and hardship. Real, raw and feminist as F***.

James Regal

Hails from: London, England

Performing since: 2019

As seen on: Roast Battle Edinburgh (2x winner)

Currently performing on: The Comedy Purge*, FeismoCool*, LOLyamorous*, Fake Jews*, Comedy Bomb Shelter, Lust for Laughs (Ibiza)

​ James is a British comedian whose style is influenced by the sillier comedy of the 80s and 90s. On stage, he shares his absurd takes on news topics, historical figures and modern life. James is also an accomplished MC with a witty, warm and welcoming style.

Kelly Knight

Hails from: Newcastle, England

Performing since: 2021

Currently performing on: Anything Else?*, Enter the Corona Verse*, The Secret Supper Project* (Food, Poetry and Music pop up event at secret locations in Barcelona)

​ As well as producing and hosting shows related to music, poetry, storytelling, and food, Kelly is a writer and spoken word performance poet. She is always open to opportunities to collaborate and host events.

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