Are you looking for a fun team building event to build trust and commitment between your employees? Need communication skills training to conquer that big presentation? Want to make real connections at networking events? Our applied improvisation workshops tie all this together in a lively environment that transforms confidence and mindset. Our fun and unique atmosphere fosters creativity, sparking relationships between peers and the entire group.

Our Workshops

FUN-damentals of Teamwork

Play relieves stress, improves brain function, boosts creativity, and fosters connections within the group. A team that plays together communicates, cooperates, and builds each other up.

Power Your Public Speaking

Learn techniques to control your body, your breathing, and your state of mind, allowing you to smoothly express yourself, listen to others, meet new clients, make presentations, and speak publicly.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Unlock the full potential of your business by creating an inclusive environment. This workshop is for leaders and managers creating or correcting their optimal environment.

Ice Breakers and Onboarding

With our professional team, we will play games to break down barriers, interact, and build a foundation for the remainder of the event and your working relationships.

Spark It!

Utilize your team’s strengths by activating creativity. Learn how to nurture ideas as an individual or as a team, and have a lot of fun in the process.

Your Team Environment

Create a stable and consistent workplace that motivates your group to excel. Practice the good habits of communication: listening, accepting and embracing.

Why train with CCH?

Boost your team’s creativity and dedication! Interactive workshops are designed to enhance communication, cooperation, and trust within your team. Professional facilitators tailor activities to meet your group’s specific needs. 

*Engaging and Enjoyable: No powerpoints or lectures, all of our training is hands-on and fun! Through games and exercises, we cultivate collaboration, creativity, and positivity in the workplace. 

*Build community: Integrate new team members, strengthen bonds, mix across departments and countries, and drive employee retention. 

*Any size: We can facilitate plenary sessions to start conferences on the right foot, or dig deep with a small group. 

*Elevate your professionalism: Master the art of captivating presentations. Try individual coaching for leaders to hone communication techniques. Prepare for conferences, interviews, and presentations.

Entertain Your Guests With Live Comedy

Whether it’s a celebration gala, a destination wedding, or your company holiday party, live comedy is an enjoyable addition to any gathering. At Comedy Clubhouse, we offer a variety of entertainment and presentation options from our seasoned cast of performers.

Check out our comedians and bring an extra dose of laughter and fun to your event. Our diverse and professional team can fulfill any need.

CCH entertainers are perfect for:

*Private Parties – Birthdays, Staff Retreats, Bachelor/ette Parties

*Awards Shows and Presentations

*Conventions and Trade Shows

*Wedding Officiation and Entertainment

For More Enrichment...

The Comedy Schoolhouse

The Comedy Schoolhouse is the training center of The Comedy Clubhouse, putting CCH values into practice, students will study improv and stand up comedy techniques, join the community, have fun, and make friends.

Through our courses and workshops (more added every month!) individuals can develop their voices, build confidence, and think creatively.

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