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The Comedy Schoolhouse is the training center of The Comedy Clubhouse, putting CCH values into practice, students will study improv and stand up comedy techniques, join the community, have fun, and make friends.

Through our courses and workshops (more added every month!) individuals can develop their voices, build confidence, and think creatively.

Open Mics and Jams

*All Mics and Jams are free for Gold Members. Performers on booked shows do not need to pay entry fee.


Free improv comedy workshop led by Typical Adult Behavior, no experience or RSVP necessary.


DM @fatgoose_openmic on Instagram. 3€ entry


DM @funkychunkymic on Instagram. The list opens every Tuesday for the following show on Monday. First come, first served! 3€ entry


Arrive at 10pm to put your name in the bucket. Each comedian gets 3 minutes, no RSVP needed. 3€ entry


DM @anythingelse_openmic on Instagram. 3€ entry


The audience is invited to play improv games. Every game is taught by the MC before it is performed. Open to all levels, no RSVP needed. 3€ entry


Message @midweekcrisiscomedy on Instagram and tell them your availability. 5€ entry


The audience is invited to step up to the microphone to make up jokes based on prompts given by the MC, no RSVP needed. 3€ entry


As the name implies, just show up to receive a spot, no RSVP needed. Free entry.

Comedy Schoolhouse Workshops

Creatively interpret audience suggestions, confidently solicit and deflect suggestions from an audience
18-19 March, 2023 12:00-15:00

Good for improvisers and stand ups or anyone looking to host in front of a live crowd. In this workshop, we will learn techniques of interaction with the audience, how to use their "bad" suggestions to make interesting comedy, and how to deal with "colorful" suggestions from the audience.

Teacher: Noah Levin
Noah Levin holds a degree in Theatre and Education from University of California, San Diego. He has professionally taught and performed improv, theatre, and stand-up comedy since 2001. Based in Barcelona since 2011, Noah created the Barcelona Improv Festival and several Barcelona-based improv teams including Typical Adult Behavior. Now performing and teaching through The Comedy Clubhouse, Noah teaches improv and applied improv around Europe.

Location: The Comedy Clubhouse
Level: For intermediate and experienced improvisers and stand up comedians looking to improve their hosting abilities and audience interaction
Max # of students: 15
Price: 50€ (members of Creators Club have a discount code on Eventbrite)

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Improv Courses

Improv Comedy Competition Course

In these 10 weeks, we will learn a series of short form games in various categories, and prepare a show that is a battle between 2 or 3 improv teams (all for good fun- we're all winners). In this course, we will push ourselves to play faster than we can think, screw up (A LOT), play at the top of our intelligence, make big choices, and find the funny.

​ This fun and easy class will allow you to open up, meet new people, build confidence, enhance your listening, and boost creativity. A final performance at The Comedy Clubhouse will allow you to put those tools of support and cooperation to the test and build a fun show guided by an experienced MC.

Length: 10 weeks
Hours: Tuesdays, 19:30-22:00
Dates: 25 April, 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 May, 6, 13, 20, 27 Jun, 4 Jul (11 in case 1 needs to be canceled)
End of Term Performance: TBD
Teacher: Noah Levin
Location: RAI, C/ dels Carders, 12, principal
Level: Intermediate
Max # of students: 12
Price: 250€ (220€ with early sign up - by 1 Apr) payment plans available

Create a Fully Improvised Play

In this advanced course, students will study and prepare a narrative longform improv show. There will be one setting and one main course of action, completely improvised by a cast of 5-10 performers. Students will learn techniques to create 3-dimensional characters, build relationships between those characters, and advance a shared plot. We will study the structure of a simple narrative and create a complete and satisfying story with a climax and resolution.

​ This course can also be useful for players looking to create specialized formats like Murder Mysteries. Students will showcase their improvised play at The Comedy Clubhouse.

Length: 10 weeks
Hours: Mondays, 19:30-22:00
Dates: 24 April, 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 May, 5, 12, 19, 26 Jun, 3 Jul (11 in case 1 needs to be canceled)
End of Term Performance: TBD
Teacher: Noah Levin
Location: Ynspire, Av. del Marquès de l'Argentera, 19, Ent 1
Level: Advanced
Max # of students: 10
Price: 250€ (220€ with early sign up - by 1 Apr) payment plans available

Comedy Schoolhouse Values

The Comedy Schoolhouse aims to teach more than the skills of performance; it will be a home for creative souls who wish to pursue stand up, improv, or any type of performance in a supportive environment with like-minded peers.

The values of the education program focus on four areas:

TCS is a place for self-discovery, to unlock the funniness, unique personality, and true voice of participants. Students will learn the confidence to make bold choices and show initiative as well as the courage to be their authentic selves, being their best while also relishing in their imperfections.  

TCS is a place for community, a place to make friends, practice English, and to share and receive support. Students will aim to make the community a center for kindness, patience, creativity, and respect. Diversity is celebrated and honored, because the backgrounds, cultures, languages, and identities of our fellows give us all rich experience. Our aim is to relate without judgment, criticism, shame, and exclusion, and embrace praise, trust, acceptance, and inclusion.

TCS is centered around The Comedy Clubhouse, a community of artists and enthusiasts practicing their craft and learning from masters. It is a place where people are exposing their vulnerabilities in pursuit of creativity, and it is our mission to make this a safe environment to do so. The Clubhouse is a place to support fellow artists and the physical health, emotional wellbeing, and respect for boundaries that allow everyone to prosper.

TCS is the place to start a career in entertainment or the lifelong pursuit of a creative passion. We take pride in the quality of our performances, aiming for consistent improvement, and always acting with integrity. We play at the top of our intelligence, elevating the art forms we pursue, and lift others up to give opportunities to shine.

Refer to our full Terms and Conditions page for our Code of Conduct.

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