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Get amazing benefits at the same time as supporting The Comedy Clubhouse, Barcelona’s only dedicated comedy club! Get discounts to shows, exclusive early access to shows, drink discounts as well as access to exclusive online content by becoming a Patron.

We are now an association rather than a Bar, so are now required to have people that come along signed up as members. We hope we’ve made it affordable, so that anyone that lives in Barcelona and is excited about comedy can afford, and so that visitors can sign up short term, and still see shows.

We’ve added some awesome benefits for higher level memberships!

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Gold Membership

5£ / month + VAT

For our more premium members. Includes a 50 cent discount on all drinks at The Clubhouse and an extra discount on Clubhouse Ale (While stocks last). You will also receive a uniquely numbered Gold Members Coin (made with real gold) and first access to members only events.

Unique Gold Comedy Clubhouse Coin

Drink Discount (50 cents)

Ask us a question

Access to Members Only Events Show Discount (1 Euro off every show)

Free Member Mondays

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Silver Membership

2£ / month + VAT

Basic non-premium membership. Includes a non-unique aluminium members coin that will feel light and flimsy in your hand. But is also very cool and excellently designed. You get discounts on Clubhouse Ale & access to members only shows. You can also ask us a question by sending a message through Patreon which will be answered on Constructing The Clubhouse.

Silver Comedy Clubhouse Coin (Aluminium)

Access to Members Only Events

Cheap Clubhouse Ale (while stocks last)

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Other ways to be a part of the Clubhouse Community!...

The Comedy Clubhouse Creator's Club

The Comedy Clubhouse hosts artists from around the world who share a common artistic interest. As a member of the Creators Club, you will be able to use our Podcast Studio and Producer, our Video Studio ad Editor, book rehersal space and so much more. Contact us for more information and to hear about all our Creators Club opportunities!

The Comedy Schoolhouse

The Comedy Schoolhouse is the training center of The Comedy Clubhouse, putting CCH values into practice, students will study improv and stand up comedy techniques, join the community, have fun, and make friends.

Through our courses and workshops (more added every month!) individuals can develop their voices, build confidence, and think creatively.

Clubhouse Corporate

Learn about team building for groups of all sizes using applied improvisation to boost cohesion and creativity.
We also offer live comedy entertainment from our seasoned comedians!

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